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Zarzoob-Human-Resource-Management-SoftwareThe HR Software is one of the other enterprise solutions that we offer. It is a complete HR module that works in accordance with the modern day human resource management studies. This is the combination of the best IT practices and the remarkable organizational structures. It complies with every human resource standard set by the world’s best HR organizations.


It is not essential that HR teams could always utilize this software while sitting in their office. They need to roam around to attend various HR seminars, and for the other organizational tasks. In that view, we have made the HR Software to be available all the time as well as could be limited to the boundaries of the office. This application could be used on the local interface of the office and could even be stored on clouds. That is all on you how you want it.


Hiring the fresh resource is at times difficult. Especially when you have to manually qualify resources on the basis of their qualification and experience it becomes a bit hard. And if the situation is about a common opportunity for which you would get too many responses, it really becomes a headache to shortlist the ideal candidates. Well, in all such situations the HR Software comes quite handy. It sorts the candidates on the basis of their gender, age, qualification, experience and skills. This allows the HR team to quickly pick the right candidate that would best fit into that occupation. Further, the HR Software bridges the communication between the recruiter and the candidate. They can do the conversation about the available opportunity, the candidate can share his or her portfolio and other files and do a lot more.


The HR Software includes a wide array of databanks that offer vivid space to store the employees’ information. It reduces the hassle of the manual worksheet preparation or the handwritten registers. Just a simple data entry can store the data for a long period until desired.


With the HR Software, the staff management becomes one of the easiest tasks. It keeps the record of the staff attendance, their arrival and departure time. Along with that, it keeps the track of their recess and short intervals. It also assists the shift management of the staff members. If you have multiple shifts in your organization, you can assimilate the proper routine to your employees through this software. It can help you to adjust the timings, shift rotation and even monitor the presence of the staff members in their respective shifts.


This HR Software is just meant for the small business organization. It even helps the medium-sized partnership businesses and the joint stock companies. The variety features available in this software could be utilized by every business entity. Well, it is not just about the profit-seeking institutes. The school, hospitals and philanthropist organizations could even make use of this vital enterprise resource.

Accounting Management Software Modules
  • Dashlet driven dashboard
  • Innovative ‘Search bar’ enables anybody to use EXPERT School ERP System within seconds of login
  • EXPERT School ERP Software is designed for a great user experience with a user friendly interface, meaning that anyone with basic computer knowledge can quickly use the system with minimum training
  • Easy to learn and easy to master
  • Displays latest news, Events, discussions, birthdays, leave applications
  • Inbuilt messaging system
  • Easy and quick way to send messages to any user of the system
  • Effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents
  • Recording communications with students
  • Automatic messages about events, news, fee schedules, new forums and holidays etc. personalized with your school
  • Attach files with news
  • Unique ID for all students
  • Comprehensive admission form
  • Multiple guardian addition facility
  • Emergency contact facility available
  • Previous education details can be recorded
  • Customizable as per school standards
  • Photo upload facility
  • Provide Biometric ID of the students
  • Manage student records. Attach any type of document and data related to student.
  • Normal student view facility based on batches
  • View complete information of a student from their profile regarding reports, fees, activities, remarks, records
  • Search existing and former students
  • Advanced search facility to search for specific type of students based on large number of filters
  • Search for any users using the search bar
  • View profile of all users based on the roles
  • View/Edit users password and privileges
  • Set privileges to users as per their roles
  • Allows organization to set standards for different roles based on their responsibility
  • Create different types of exams based on grades, marks
  • Group exams if required
  • Online exams services with automatic marks calculation ­- Objective and descriptive exam types
  • Extensive report center
  • Generate report for required exams
  • Automated, quick and on demand report generation
  • Statistical and chart reports, a better analytical view
  • GPA, CCE, ICSE, Normal and CWA Evaluation methods
  • Setting up required formula for calculation in CCE,GPA and ICSE exams
  • ASL(Assessment for speaking and Learning) and 6th subject in CCE
  • CBSE prescribed report
  • Exam wise report, subject wise report, consolidated report, combined report and reports based on student rankings per class, batch, subject and attendance
  • Drag and drop timetable
  • Alerts on subject limits per week while creating timetable
  • Alerts on employee subject limits while creating timetable
  • Conflict warnings if the same teacher assigned with another class for the same period
  • Timetable creation in advance
  • Edit/Delete timetable facility available
  • Timetable tracking
  • Effective employee work allotment
  • View teacher’s timetable
  • View complete institution timetable on just one click
  • Easy marking of attendance
  • Note/Remarks for attendance can be given
  • Different types of attendance report can be taken
  • Reports can be filtered using the available filters
  • Integrate with hardware devices RFID and Biometric
  • Basic education institute information can be given which is reflected on reports and financial reports
  • Basic configuration like country, currency, time zone, etc can be set
  • Addition of school logo and displayed on reports, receipts and login screens
  • Other general settings like enabling grading system as per school requirements, automatic unique ID for all the users, Oauth/Azure application integration
  • Managing courses and batches
  • Batch transfer and graduation facility, generate Transfer Certificates
  • Managing major subjects including elective subjects
  • Importing subjects from previous batches
  • Add custom fields for admission form
  • Activate SMS module
  • Automatic SMS alerts
  • Set SMS configuration for alerts to be send to specific contact numbers for respective actions
  • Send SMS to single or group users or to all users
  • Manage student categories
  • Assign Tutors to Batches
  • Assign roll numbers to students
  • Manage all employees from admission to exit
  • Customizable admission form
  • Manage entire payroll efficiently
  • Customizable and robust payroll form
  • Automatic Loss of Pay calculation
  • Generate pay slips on daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Efficient leave management system available
  • Authenticated pay slip approval system
  • One click pay slip approval and reject facilities
  • Normal and advanced search facility
  • Comprehensive Fee classification system
  • Separate fee collection date designing system for faster finance process
  • Easy analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure available
  • Easy fee submission process
  • Fee import facility for faster system use
  • Manage and Pay instant fees
  • Manage entire expenses and incomes
  • Customize and manage different category of expenses and incomes
  • Adjust settings for printing fee receipts
  • Financial Report generation facility with customizable date range
  • Online payment facility
  • Pay slip approval system
  • Manage Assets and Liabilities
  • Manage Donations

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