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Zarzoob-School-Management-SystemThe unending services of the Zarzoob Creative Agency are not just about the branding and web development. We even offer the business processing solutions that are beneficial for the accounting, managerial and operational departments. Our long chain of enterprise solution tools includes various programs that are created purely for the business progress. And they are not only the business entity software, they even could be utilized by the non-profit seeking organization. Certainly, our enterprise solutions are meant for every type of organization, whether it is a restaurant, a hotel, a hospital or a school.


Among the basic enterprise support programs, we offer the Payroll Software. It is a comprehensive business entity solution that assists the operations of the payroll department.This software is a part of a grand enterprise system that incorporates everything that an organization demands. The versatility of this software is based on the best coding environment and cognitive scripts that have made it respond timely at the rate of real-time transaction processing. Further, a unique design has been provided to the interface which is quite easy to understand and use. Even a basic computer user can make use of this software.


The Payroll Software offers plenty of features that you can utilize in aligning your payroll segment. It provides the service of the payroll management, staff attendance, remuneration count, bonuses and allowance check and a number of other features. Certainly, it cuts down the burden of the payroll department. And it not just reduces their task, it even saves a lot of time that could be utilized in other productive activities. This is a complete payroll department rather than just a software.


The employee portal is one of the handy features of the Payroll Software. It enables your employees to check their available remunerations, bonuses, incentives and allowances. Further, they can even verify their attendance and the payout. Certainly, it makes the payroll process transparent so that your employees are aware of their wager.


With the Payroll Software, you can deposit the wager of your employees into their banks and can even make a count of every cash payment you make. The direct links support numerous authorization and transfer channels that can be utilized to move salaries. Ahead of that, this Payroll Software keeps the record of all the transactions that take place so that it becomes easier for you to charge the accounts.


The Zarzoob Creative Agency provides a continuous technical support for the payroll software. You do not have to worry about your performance getting delayed due to an issue. Firstly, it is a bug-free environment with plausible security essentials included. Secondly, in case of any issue, our tech team is available 24/7 which can help you out with all the troubles you face. Further, our customer interaction teams are readily available to help you understand any feature that you feel hard to use.

Payroll Tracking Software Key Features
  • Noticeboard
  • Alerts (Notification & reminders)
  • Company policy
  • Employee profile
  • Employee leave details
  • Employee gratuity details
  • Staff Requests
  • Leave requests (Annual, sick, LOP, etc.)
  • Document requests (Salary certificate, NOC, etc.)
  • Staff loan requests
  • Reimbursement requests
  • Training requests
  • Business travel request
  • View and attached documents with requests
  • Online Payslip generation

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