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Zarzoob-Human-Resource-Management-SoftwareThe HR Software is one of the other enterprise solutions that we offer. It is a complete HR module that works in accordance with the modern day human resource management studies. This is the combination of the best IT practices and the remarkable organizational structures. It complies with every human resource standard set by the world’s best HR organizations.


It is not essential that HR teams could always utilize this software while sitting in their office. They need to roam around to attend various HR seminars, and for the other organizational tasks. In that view, we have made the HR Software to be available all the time as well as could be limited to the boundaries of the office. This application could be used on the local interface of the office and could even be stored on clouds. That is all on you how you want it.


Hiring the fresh resource is at times difficult. Especially when you have to manually qualify resources on the basis of their qualification and experience it becomes a bit hard. And if the situation is about a common opportunity for which you would get too many responses, it really becomes a headache to shortlist the ideal candidates. Well, in all such situations the HR Software comes quite handy. It sorts the candidates on the basis of their gender, age, qualification, experience and skills. This allows the HR team to quickly pick the right candidate that would best fit into that occupation. Further, the HR Software bridges the communication between the recruiter and the candidate. They can do the conversation about the available opportunity, the candidate can share his or her portfolio and other files and do a lot more.


The HR Software includes a wide array of databanks that offer vivid space to store the employees’ information. It reduces the hassle of the manual worksheet preparation or the handwritten registers. Just a simple data entry can store the data for a long period until desired.


With the HR Software, the staff management becomes one of the easiest tasks. It keeps the record of the staff attendance, their arrival and departure time. Along with that, it keeps the track of their recess and short intervals. It also assists the shift management of the staff members. If you have multiple shifts in your organization, you can assimilate the proper routine to your employees through this software. It can help you to adjust the timings, shift rotation and even monitor the presence of the staff members in their respective shifts.


This HR Software is just meant for the small business organization. It even helps the medium-sized partnership businesses and the joint stock companies. The variety features available in this software could be utilized by every business entity. Well, it is not just about the profit-seeking institutes. The school, hospitals and philanthropist organizations could even make use of this vital enterprise resource.

Human Resource Management System Software (HRMS) Modules
  • Employee general information, photo, note attachment files, medical information, tax information, monthly timesheet, payroll reports (based on the tax information and time sheet), and medical insurance and emergency contacts
  • Employee benefits form helps you record all medical and detail insurance programs that your company have for your employees.
  • Create HR payroll report, phone list, employee list, department list reports, and you can add your own report later based on your need.
  • Employee vacation and sick leave management
  • Employee job history information management
  • Employee certification and awards management
  • Employee performance evaluations information management
  • Employee equipment tracking
  • Employee resume and training records management
  • You can output your employee data and payroll data to Microsoft® Excel® file and PDF file as well.
  • The database records all employee information and you can review it by name list, phone list, or department lists.
  • Create Employee Performance Review Forms and employee EEO Forms and keep these form records at document management system.
  • Benefits information management
  • Grievance history information (e.g.complaints, dispute etc.) management
  • Generate organization chart by using MS Visio and drag to employees management form
  • Job opening Information, job functions, requirements and skills information and staffing status
  • Department job opening list management
  • Printing job opening information
  • Recording all applicants records and contact information
  • Applicant status management
  • Applicants interview setup
  • Create Employee Application Form and Employee Record Audit Form for all applicants and keep those document records on document management system.
  • Workforce Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Absence Management
  • List all training program that company has.
  • Training class information description and registration information
  • Printing training class information sheet
  • Records all the employees’s training records.
  • Learning Course Administration
  • Professional Certification Management
  • Benefit plan list and provider information management
  • Benefit plan for each employee
  • Benefit cost information management
  • Company business documents management
  • Company legal documents management
  • Company holiday schedule management
  • Company wise health and dental care insurance benefits information
  • Managing all employees and applicants documents by their name or document types
  • All documents can be convert to PDF format and print out
  • All documents data can be export to Excel or PDF format for other applications
  • Project information sheet
  • Project tasks list management
  • Project tasks Gantt chart
  • Project team members information management
  • Employee termination process check list
  • Generate employee termination process notification
  • Employee status change information management
  • Compliance Management
  • Security
  • User Support
  • Maintenance

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