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Zarzoob Hospital Management Information System

The Zarzoob Hospital Management System is available with a fundamental inquiry and registration module that can bring in a fine solution for the patients to get themselves registered for any operation or diagnosis in your hospital. And they can do this all while sitting at their home without a fatigue to visit the hospital, spend money on traveling or use the phone credit. Along with that, it eases out the hospital staff that has to take care with the registration process, by giving them a whole in-house solution that links them up with every department within the hospital. In a way, it is a cognitive delivery approach that compiles the intellect of the tech and customer support together for a comprehensive Patient Registration Module.

Well, within this Clinical Software there are plenty of features included, making it a scalable solution for your organization. Such as an entry-level feature that provides a detailed information about the patients, comprising their credentials and the health history. Similarly, this Medical Software in Karachi presents a fillable form to the patients when they have applied for a registration. And it gets some mandatory fields that the patient has to fill out. While this ensures a complete data segmentation that is frequently required. Well, during doing so, if there is something that does not fill in the required segments, the system alerts the user for the error so that they may get the right information. Ultimately it saves time for the medical staff and all those concerned with the data management.

Another impressive feature included is the unique health ID generator which comes with the smart generation. Well, it simply regulates your data registers giving a unique identity to each and every patient that visited the hospital. And within each ID all the information of the patient, either credential details or the diagnostic reports could be stored. While this information could be retrieved using the available filters that make it easy to find the required patient without scrolling through all the data. Further, the RFID wristband generation feature is even included in this module.


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