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Zarzoob Hospital Management Information System

The OutPatient Management Module is yet another handy inclusion available for this Hospital Management System in Pakistan. Indeed it is a bright path to serve all of your patients and enhance the consumer benefits using the high-end tech resources. Well, using this module, you can ensure a smooth flow of information, completely managed content and database, provide assistance of every type either medical, accounting or informational and bring ease to the out-patients through the extent of every department you have at your hospital. Further, the usability is easy and is quite friendly that anyone could easily understand and utilize this system. And its real-time responsiveness keeps everything on track and even saves a lot of time.

Within this OutPatient Management Module, you would find plenty of functions that can help you even cut down your cost. And not just yours, it could even bring down a lot of miscellaneous expenses the patients have to normally bear. While doing so, the processes could be made quickly for a better support of your clientele. Such as the Medication Orders, that enables the out-patients to shop their med without even visiting the pharmacy. Ultimately they can cut down their trip expenses associated with this traveling.

Ahead of that, the managerial features could assist in aligning all the required data in an organized fashion, that whenever you would need any information, you would not have to go through all the data to find it. Just put the relevant filter on and get exactly what you are looking for. Along with that, the OutPatient Management Module comes with the unique identity generator that could create the UHID for your patients. Further, it could even merge the information when needed.

Besides the standard data management and the administrative features, the OutPatient Management Module offers convenience features to your patients. Using this Clinical Software in Karachi, the out-patients can schedule their appointment with the doctor using this module. In addition to that, they can get their diagnosis reports, evaluation analysis and can place lab orders. While their reports could also be displayed on their accounts over this module.


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