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Zarzoob Hospital Management Information System

The Information Desk Module is a prerequisite entity that could result is managing the hospital reception more than expected analysis. It is among focal components of this Hospital Management System in Pakistan that is recognized by numerous hospitals nationwide. Some key figures include ease for the patients, support to the management staff and connecting all the departments of the hospital to a single string. The stringing process makes it easier to reach out to the concerned department in no time. Additional it takes care of the informatics that is to be distributed among the existing and new patients and ensures the reimbursement of the information as per the plan.

Among some major functions of this Medical Software in Karachi, there are the dashboard solutions available for the patient. That could get the requisite information by just creating their account and logging in. It provides them with the historical record and the present diagnosis reports. Further, they can schedule an appointment with the doctor in the available slot. In addition to that, the Information Desk Module enables them to request the investigation appointment inquiry to further dig into the procured reports. While if they are need of an urgent consultation, the Consultants Enquiry can get them a seat with the consultant.

Ahead of that, the In-Patients equally can take benefit of this module through their linked up accounts. And even their caretakers look into various packages using the Information Desk Module. Well, the new patients can view the tariff plan and get the complete package information. This saves them an informational trip to the hospital, adding more value to your customer support level. Along with the plans and packages, the new patients can even get an estimate based on their customer care requirements.

The unique identification generator brings a whole lot of ease to the management. This Healthcare Software can generate the Visitor Pass for the incoming patients for their hassle-free access into the hospital.

Overall, this is a burden sharing statement for your team. And even this is a bold note for your positive impression on your patients.


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